Some Simple Explainations

Subprimes, Derivatives, Banking Crisis

Shadow banking [10:00]
Derivatives  [10:00]
Subprime [10:00]
Toxic Assets [10:00]
Inflation [10:00]
Crisis explainer [10:00]
Bonds, notes and bills - Treasury Debt [10:00]
High-Frequency Trading:- Corporate super computers cornering share markets (10/10/09) [8:36]

Chris Martenson - CRASH COURSE covers a lot of different topics, ranging from Weather Change to Power & Greed  to Peak Oil. If everything changed at a snails pace we could take our time preparing for future crisis.  But, what Chris Martenson is trying to educate us to is exponential growth and how it can throw a monkey wrench into our plans.

Crash Course 1 [5:15]
Crash Course 2 [9:08]
Crash Course 3 [6:28]
Crash Course 4 [9:29]
Crash Course 5 [4:07]
Crash Course 6 [9:21]

Diversity, Balance & Moderation

You might find these videos interesting.  I like these videos because they don't beat around the bush. The author puts out a lot of ideas and encourages anyone to test his information. It is too bad our government representatives don't use the same scientific methods to examine our economy , establish the best course of action and change our laws to reflect the best solutions.

How to arrive at a good solution
Science vs Lore Part 1 [9:27] , Part 2 [7:44]
Pitfalls of Thinking: Confirmation Bias Part 1 [8:38] , Part 2 [9:00]
Occam's Razor [8:43]
Common Sense Is Worthless in Science [8:41]

Do Vaccines Cause Autism? Correlation vs. Causation Part 1 [9:43] , Part 2 [8:10]
MSG: The Taste That Kills? [9:46]
Evolution for Creationists: Where Do We Disagree? [9:41]

He has a lot more videos... just search for "C0nc0rdance" on YouTube.

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