Human Rights Issues


Still Hoping: Brad Horn [6:50]

A lot of Obstacles to Overcome

Africa - Sudan - Darfur - Genocide

the-devil-on-horseback the-devil-on-horseback
The Devil Came On Horseback
Darfur Genocide Video - Personal Account An American Witness
massacre-at-murambi sudan-crisis
Massacre at Murambi
Sudan Crisis
Note: will go to
genocide-worst-than-war darfur-dairies-message-from-home
Genocide: Worse Than War
Darfur Diaries - Message from Home
Google: Prof. Mahmood Mamdani and John Prendergast, The Darfur Debate [g=,v=,a=,l=28:00]

Women Rights | Human Trafficing

The Day My God Died [54:21]
human-trafficing-movie1 human-trafficing-movie
Trailer for the video to the right [3:09]
stella's voice
Stella's Voice [6:20] Eye To Eye With Katie Couric: Human Trafficking (CBS News)
Responding to Victims of Human Trafficking (2008)

Israeli Palestinian Conflict

The Zionist Story. [1:14:58]
History Channel full documentary - Battle for occupation and retaliation [1:28:00]

Haiti Conflict

PBS: FRONTLINE Battle for Haiti PBS [55:12]

Other Horrific Conflict

The Soviet Story - A História Soviètica - Legendado.avi [1:25:49]

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