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New Stuff
Woody Harrelson discusses "The Most Dangerous Man in America" [4:17] then go to the "Whistle Blowers, Heroes" menu for the full video.
Ralph Nader: Solution to Debt Crisis is to End Corporate Welfare and Corporate Tax Loopholes (07/19/11) [6:38]
Largest Embassy in the World! City within a city (Bagdad)! Watch this then go to Faces of War menu

Short but Enlightening
Home (trailer) [2:12] Then look at the full movie... it is really enlightening!
Peak Oil Report (04/28/11) [12:23] Then look at "Peak Oil" and the Environment menu.
Fed Doled Out 9 Trillion (12/02/10) [8:07]
Federal Reserve and Congress Exposed On The Dylan Ratigan Show (03/20/11) [12:46]
Alan Grayson on the Worst Deal Since Manhattan Was Sold for $24 (02/11/09) [5:18]
U.S Senate Passing Bills In Secret (Lou Dobbs) (07/30/08) [5:08]
Dennis Kucinich speaks about secret congress meeting!!! (03/14/08) [5:37]
Congress(Classified) Vote To Defend Against(Classified) (08/12/08) [1:57]

Top Secret America
PBS Frontline: Are We Safer? Top Secret America [21:71]
PBS Frontline: Spying on the Home Front [54:27]
PBS Frontline: The Warning, The Financial Collapse [56:17]
PBS Frontline: Black Money [54:15]

Whistle Blowers, Heros, Historians & Authors
Economic Hit Man [53:35]
The geopolitical goals of the Anglo-American Empire in Afghanistan Pakistan Iran
Creature From Jekyll Island A Second Look at the Federal Reserve [l=1:11:13]

Human in Crisis -> See Human Rights menu
Genocide: Worse Than War [1:54:17]

America in Crisis
The American Southwest: Are We Running Dry? [57:01]
Fracking Hell: The Untold Story [17:53]
PBS:Frontline - BP The Spill (10/26/10)(Note: scroll down 1/4 inch)[54:56]

World in Crisis
Running Dry: Call To Action [19:18]
Population explosion causes poverty crisis [9:46]

The next set of videos you might think of as a boring lecture, but it isn't. Chris Martenson, I think, has the best explanation of how exponential growth ("the Hockey Stick phenomena") is going to cause our next "MAJOR" crisis. It is well worth the 30 minutes.
Crash Course 1 [l=5:15]
Crash Course 2 [l=9:08]
Crash Course 3 [l=6:28]
Crash Course 4 [l=9:29]
Crash Course 5 [l=4:07]
Crash Course 6 [l=9:21]
Peak Oil [l=17:53]

Money Power & Greed -> See Money Power & Greed menu
People vs Goldman Sachs, an interview with Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone [10:52]
"Too Big to Fail" - Curtis Hanson (trailer)
The Fall of Lehman Brothers Part1

See the full length movies on the "Money Power & Greed (Banks)" menu!

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