November, 2013
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July, 2012
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February, 2012
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December, 2011
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October, 2011
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August, 2011
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July, 2011
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June, 2011
· Brookley Born (Brookley Born)
· Some Simple Questioning (Some Simple Questioning)
· First Ammendment vs Hillary (First Amendment vs Hillary)
· Diversity, Balance & Moderation (Some Simple Explainations)
· Unemployment (Unemployment)
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· Goldman Sach (Goldman Sach)
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· Monet, Power & Greed (Banks) (Money, Power & Greed (Banks))
· Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sachs)
· People vs Goldman Sachs (People vs Goldman Sachs)
· Bush & Paraguay (Bush & Paraguay)
May, 2011
· Movie Theater (Movies)
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· Peak Oil (Peak Oil)
· CIA Directors (History) (CIA Directors (History))
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February, 2011
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