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image1Note: this is an ongoing VIDEO Journal | Blog on the "hidden" side of our government.  There are a LOT of images and links that link to very good  "Full Length" informative videos.  The videos are intriguing, fascinating and help put everything in to perspective.   Keep checking back for new videos along with  added text, articles, and additional resources.  Here is a sample of the of the video quality.

Featured Video "Home"  
homeI keep referring to this video "Home" over-and-over again on all my web sites, because I really think it covers all bases. This video is really beautiful and very informative... even educational!

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Note: to see the FULL movie, you have to view it at YouTube [1:33:18]

I had a lot of material, but wasn't quite sure how to present it.  So I decided to make one long Front Page and break off secondary pages when I saw a specific topic (menu) developing.  Think of the Front Page as a stream-of-consciousness.  Jump around from video to video and within a video.  Find something that strikes at your interest.  Again, if you see something I'm obviously missing send me a note by the Contact page. Note: these are videos made by other people, I don't benefit from any of their advertising!
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How I Got Started

Economic Hitman

john-perkinsI like the interviews with John Perkins, about his books:   Confessions of an Economic Hitman (2004) [53:35] and The Secret History of the American Empire (2007) [28:02] because it clearly spells out what the United States has been doing to "third world" countries, and to ourselves, under the control of "corporatocracy" manipulating our government.  More of John Perkins speeches can be found here.
pdf-icon Confession Economic Hitman (check out this crude copy of his book, but then please buy the book).

Corporatocracy | Pretty soon we won't need politicians or at least elections

They have done it! The Elite few have cut the rest of us out of our own government. George Bush was allowed to get elected without the popular vote... now all the rest of the government can be to!!!!!

Supreme Court Sanctioned Murder Of Democracy! Keith Olbermann [10:58] Supreme Court gives America to the Corporations, Rep. Alan Grayson [4:47]

In Landmark Campaign Finance Ruling, Supreme Court Removes Limits on Corporate Campaign [9:01]

Explaining the Supreme Court on Campaign Finance [2:38]
Fahrenheit 911 - by Michael Moore [1:58:28]

Corporatocracy at Work

world-according-to-monsanto corporation
The World According to Monsanto [1:49:02]

The Corporation [2:24:04]
The GMO Threat john-perkins
The GMO Threat (06/16/11) [59:49] John Perkins: Zeitgeist - Extended Interview 2008

US Supreme Court

US Conspiracy 101 (for the rest see

Please watch at least the next 3-4 videos to see what we are facing.  The videos are short and easy to view. Don't get hung-up on the product... it is the technology, and the END GAME, I'm trying to expose.

aaron-russo-nick-rockefeller the-new-world-order-is-here
Aaron Russo And Nick Rockefeller [2:38] This is the longer version of the video to the left.  The New World Order is Here! [10:00]

nutriSmart-embeds-RFID-tags-into-foods RFID-tracking
New 2011 NutriSmart embeds RFID tags directly within food
RFID Tracking
Note: you can skip over the first 40 seconds for the good stuff. Then watch it to the end. [5:37]


Do it yourself RFID Implant [2:59]

911 | Top Secret America | Start of the Financial Collapse

Also see: Secret America/

PBS Frontline: Are We Safer? Top Secret America [21:71]
PBS Frontline: Spying on the Home Front [54:27]
PBS Frontline: The Warning, The Financial Collapse [56:17] Note: takes longer to load
PBS Frontline: Black Money [54:15]

"Top Secret America" Washington Post
Investigation Part 1 - Democracy NOW! (07/19/10) [9:01]
Investigation Part 2 - Democracy NOW! [9:32]
Investigation Part 3 - Democracy NOW! [7:29]

Does War Solve Anything? | Lies Told to Ourselves

Beyond Treason: Depleted Uranium & Anthrax Vaccines [1:28:54]
The Whole Truth About the Iraq War Part 1 [23:32], Part 2 [32:27]
The Most Dangerous Man In America, Part 1 [43:25], Part 2 [43:25]
Note: for more videos on Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iraq see John Pilger, Greg Palast, & Noam Chomsky on the Whistle Blowers, Heros menu.

WAR PROFITEERING... this is what EVERYTHING on this page is ALL about!!!
Iraq For Sale (12/30/10) [1:15:41]
Mission Accomplished (10/27/10) [1:29:15]
Iraq War Archive - Daylight Robbery Part 1 - BBC World Uncovered Documentary [10:23], Part 2 [10:26], Part 3 [10:32], Part 4 [10:47], Part 5 [9:54]

People Who Could Do The Most Good, Do The Most Harm

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: Bush Family Fortunes (2004) [1:11:17]
Unauthorized Biography of D!ck Cheney [42:58]
American Economics for the Dummy

Watch the animated video on the left... it is quite good. What is amazing is that it tells a pretty accurate story of what is happening in America in 30 minutes. Too bad Washington isn't getting the message.  The "Maters of the Universe" talks about the FED and the banking Cartel.

the-american-dream capitalist-conspiracy-masters-of-the-universe
The American Dream Film-Full Length [30:34] Masters of the Universe [44:49]

Money, Power & Greed... the Banks | TOO BIG TO FAIL

*** Also look at the Money, Power & Greed menu -> TOO BIG TO FAIL

Watch the following two documentaries to understand how little Walls Street, Mega Banks, and Goldman Sach thinks of us!  Then go to the Money, Power & Greed menu and watch "Too Big To Fail".

inside-job meltdown
Inside Job
The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse 2010.
Meltdown Part 1 [44:56], Part 2 [44:55], Part 3 [45:00], Part 4 [44:59]
crisis-by-design crash-bank
Crisis by Design
Note: not really a video, but great information in audio.

Crash - How The Banks Won
How Banks Went Bust 2009 [47:47]
How the Banks Never Lose [45:00]
How Long Will It Last [45:00]
How the Banks Won 2010 [44:26]
matt-taibbi matt-taibbi
People vs Goldman Sachs, an interview with Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone. The True Story Behind Goldman Sachs International!
Rolling Stone: People vs Goldman Sachs by Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone: Goldman Sachs,The Great Bubble Machine by Matt Taibbi

pdf-icon WALL STREET AND THE FINANCIAL CRISIS: Anatomy of a Financial Collapse, 650-page report just released by the Senate Subcommittee on Investigations, chaired by Democrat Carl Levin of Michigan, alongside Republican Tom Coburn of Oklahoma.

nomi-prins wall-street-with-jesse-ventura
Nomi Prins, Former Goldman Sachs Managing Director: Bankster Collusion and Bailouts
Note: you can skip the first minute or so. [33:36]
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - "Wall Street" [43:43]

OK, here I am again using Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory TV Show. But, as I have said before, I think his show does the best job of asking the "right" questions and laying out the "right" issues. It is then up to use to use the Internet to do research to help support or refute his claims!

Keeping Us Schmucks In Debt, While They Make Milllions (Billions)!!

In Debt We Trust an-inconvenient-death
In Debt We Trust: America Before the Bubble Bursts
An Inconvenient Death [44:33 ]

And this is Where We are Heading!!

Things are so out-of-control, even the Bushs and the Carlyle Group are being duped, $105 million by a fictional Chinese industry!!!!

CRASH COURSE by Chris Martenson... Very Good Overview of the mechanics involved in our current crisis (domestic & world) covers a lot of different topics, ranging from Weather Change -to-> Power & Greed -to-> Peak Oil. If everything changed at a snails pace we could take our time preparing for future crisis. But, what Chris Martenson is trying to educate us to is exponential growth (the "hockey stick" phenomena) and how it can throw a monkey wrench into our plans.

chris-martenson Crash Course 1 [5:15]
Crash Course 2 [9:08]
Crash Course 3 [6:28]
Crash Course 4 [9:29]
Crash Course 5 [4:07]
Crash Course 6 [9:21]
Peak Oil [17:53]
Crash Course Full [2:00:00 ]

Ecology | Climate | Climate Change | Global Warming

First, check out the Environment menu

I put the Home video here because I think it is so well made.

Home (preview)

If you want to see the full length feature click here (it has to be viewed at YouTube). It is beautifully done and well worth watching! [g=10,v=10,a=10,l=]

BBC: Climate Change
Earth: The Climate Wars - E01 [58:59], Fightback - E02 [59:01], E03 [58:50]

National Geographic: 6 Degrees Change
Six Degrees Could Change The World Part 1 [15:00], Part 2 [12:01], Part 3 [15:00], Part 4 [6:58]

Jesse Ventura: "Worldwide Water Conspiracy"

Environmental Pollution | Poisonous Chemical | Intentionally Poisoning our Environment

Fracking | Frack Drilling | Hydraulic Fracturing
Note: there is a lot more on Natural Gas Fracking in the Environmental menu.

fraking fraking
Gasland Part 1, Part 2

Josh Fox: Natural Gas Industry Attacks His Oscar-Nominated Film "Gasland" on Impacts of Fracking [l= 7:43]


Leaked EPA Documents Expose Dangers of Natural Gas Extraction - Democracy NOW!
NYT Video: Natural Gas and Polluted Air - The New York Times [7:01]

I have also become a fan of the series Earth Focus... check out the many episodes in the TV Channel menu. The last one on the list is about Frack Drilling. Yet another thing that Halliburton is killing us with. 

Canada's Alberta Tar Sands

tar-sands tar-sands
Alberta Oil Sands: Alberta Propaganda [30:49] Tar Sands Oil Extraction - The Dirty Truth [11:39]
tar-sands tar-sands
To the Last Drop: Canada's Dirty Oil Sands - Part 1 [23:30], Part 2 [24:03]
The Alberta Oil (Tar Sands): Canadian Prosperity - Global Nightmare [16:02]

Resources (Skip for Now)

I don't normally put Congressional or House of Representative Sessions on any of my web sites, but these seemed interesting. If these are your "cup of tea" go to their YouTube page for more videos: .

The Future of Oil: Peak Prices, Peak Production, Piqued Consumers [ 2:19:31]
National Security Implications of Global Climate Change [2:51:52]
Economics of Dependence on Foreign Oil - Rising Gasoline Prices [1:58:55]
Drilling for Answers: Oil Company Profits, Runaway Prices and... [2:39:07]

Energy | Peak Oil | PEAK OIL !!!!!!

peak-oil-report max-keiser-peak-oil
Peak Oil Report (4-28-11) [12:23]

On the Edge With Max Keiser - Peak Oil (5/7/11) [23:15]

On the Edge with Max Keiser - John Perkins - Preditory Capitalism (5/14/11) [22:58]

peak-oilPeak Oil and the Second Great Depression (2010-2030): A Survival Guide for Investors and Savers After Peak Oil

Peak Oil 101 [Part 1 of 3] [13:40]
Peak Oil 101 [Part 2 of 3] [12:03]
Peak Oil 101 [Part 3 of 3] [8:49]

the-coming-famineThe Coming Famine: The Global Food Crisis and What We Can Do to Avoid It

The Coming Famine [1 of 3] [15:16]
The Coming Famine [2 of 3] [15:30]
The Coming Famine [3 of 3] [8:56]

Web site:

Oil Smoke and Mirrors [1:53:16] History Channel - Prophets Of Doom [1:13:57]

For more on Peak Oil read Michael Ruppert's book Crossing the Rubicon  in the Whistle Blowers and Hero menu.

Natural Resources | Land | Water... What is happening domestically

California - is California facing water shortages?  Watch these two videos to get both sides of the story.
Sean Hannity exposes the man-made drought in California [4:52]
State of Thirst: California's Water Future [26:55]

Running Dry (National Geographic) [1:41]

Mississippi - 2011 flooding, 70 year record... will there be more?
Illinois Levee And Flood Aerial Footage (2011) [9:33]
CNN: Neighborhoods swallowed by rising river [2:46]
S hit by massive flood [2:16]

Texas - 2011 drought, worst in 70 years... will it get worst?
Fire on the Prairie-Texas Parks and Wildlife [9:41]
Texas-sized drought worst in history (Current) [1:38]
Texas Drought Heats Up [1:57]
Wildfires in Texas-April 20,2011 [0:48]
West Texas Wild Fires [1:19]


Immigration Gumballs [9:36]

Water Crisis | Sanitation | Recycling

14,000 people die a day for the lack of clean water, 9,000 of those are children. Clean water is a God given RIGHT. Why are we spending Billions of dollars on bailing out Goldman-Sach, when 60 Billion would assure everyone on the planet clean water!
Go here for more Water Facts.

running-dry a-world-without-water
Running Dry: Call To Action
A World Without Water [1:16:14]

Earth Focus: Episode 10 Wter Crisis [27:16]

Worldwide Water Conspiracy with Jesse Ventura [53:03]
The American Southwest: Are We Running Dry? [57:01] Inside Story - Palestine water shortage - 27 Oct 09 [24:13]

Jim Thebaut | Running Dry | Chronicles Group

Portable Water

Bush Family Purchases 100,000 Acre Ranch in Paraguay?

Famine | Food Crisis

Inside Story - Behind the latest food crisis [24:46]

Riz Khan - Fearing another a food crisis [25:23]
The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes [6:42] NOTE: Will Play on YouTube
Inside A Failed State - Haiti [22:45]

CrossTalk: Food Fight [26:10]

Overpopulation | Population Crisis

7 Billion, National Geographic Magazine [2:58] Population explosion causes poverty crisis [9:46]

Hungry Children - Yemen
The Visionaries - MSH in Bangladesh and South Africa

Our Behavior | Obesity

fast-food-fast-profits super-size-me
Fast food, fat profits: Obesity in America [23:15] Super size me Part 1 [9:59], Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10


Obesity in America

Should we all become vegetarians????

The Vegetarian Myth [27:62]

Health Care

Sicko by Michael Moore Part 1 [69:03], Part 2 [54:06]

The Great Health Care Debate
Insurance Whistleblower Details How Industry Attacked "Sicko" 1 of 2 [11:06]
Sicko" 2 of 2 [l=8:58]

Factory Farms | Farm Factories | Mega Farms

food-incFood, Inc. Part 1 [40:59] , Part 2 [40:59]

UK-mega-farmsFood, Cheap Price, Mega-Farms, Animal [59:14]

Animal Rights Issues

One of the things that has always amazed me is how we can watch videos (movies) like Darfur, where thousands of people are being killed or maimed daily, with little emotion, yet we have such a hard time watching animals being killed. With that said, I warn you that the following videos are graphic, so-much-so that they have turned me into a semi-vegetarian.

earthling meet-your-meat
Earthlings - Animals for meat
Meet your meat - The transformation of animals into food [10:37]

GMO | Genetically Modified Crops | Frankenfood vs Natural Selection

GMO-are-we-playing-god super-cow
GMO: Are we playing God?
Meet the Super Cow [4:45]

Arms Dealers

Inside Story - Deadly industry - 28 April 09 [22:59]

Cross Talk - Armed to the Teeth

Inside Story - Modernising China's military [23:24]

Conspiracy | 911 | Iraq | Afghanistan | Pakistan | Deceit | Corruption

truth-about-the-iraq-war the-great-conspiracy
Uncovered The Whole Truth About the Iraq War 2003[56:09] The Great Conspiracy- 9/ 11(2005) [1:10:23]

beyond-treason michael-moore-bailout
Beyond Treason: Depleted Uranium & Anthrax Vaccines

Fahrenheit 911 - by Michael Moore [1:58:28]

Cost of the War on Terrorism

Our tillion dollar+ cost of the war-on-terror:


pdf-icon The Cost of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Other Global War on Terror Operations Since 9/11

02.10.2011. 07:16

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